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What Makes You Perfect?

Ultimate Software

A multitude of facets makes each of us unique. People are complex. So how does a human resource department successfully understand and manage a company's extensive resource pool?

That's the question Ultimate Software set out to answer and along the way developed a software solution that not only removes the frustration caused by manual systems and redundancies, but also embraces the uniqueness of the human spirit. Add an incredibly easy interface, and it's easy to understand how this cutting-edge software company is listed in the top ten of FORTUNE's Best Companies to Work For.


Online Informational Video

An all-in-one solution needs more than a tagline to communicate its functionality. So we created an online video showcasing how Ultimate Software's UltiPro solution allows HR departments to understand how their people are doing and what that means to the success of their business. All in real time.
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What Makes You Perfect?

National Campaign

Highlighting the complexity of people and the simplicity of UltiPro's user-interface, this set of trade print ads also tied directly to an engaging online microsite. 
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Become Legendary


Part of what makes Ultimate Software's UltiPro so dynamic is its easy-to-use interface and the way it embraces the individualism of each employee. It does all of this while also removing HR process redundancies. To drive home the concept of employee complexity, we created an interactive experience that allows users to tout what makes them perfect. The result? A collection of profiles that points directly to the power of the UltiPro solution.

Human resource management has evolved from the occasional donut day in the steno pool, especially when workers bring more than family pictures and a potted plant into work. People are complex. Not understanding resource complexity can impact an organization's ability to reach goals and respond to marketplace volatility. Communicating the urgency around this topic was clearly and successfully presented through a full, multimedia user experience.