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Corporate Rebranding

Abrasive Technology

A history of innovation and commitment to craftsmanship put Abrasive Technology at the forefront of the superabrasive industry. Our job? Communicate the quality and precision Abrasive brings to the table through new brand positioning and marketing materials.

It Always Begins with the Details

It Always Begins with the Details

Brand Book

Any rebranding exercise has at its heart the brand book. Not only providing the look and feel of a brand, it also showcases the brand messaging and how it meshes with corporate culture. The brand book is the guard at the gate, the tool that answers all the questions about the who, what, where and when of a corporate brand.  
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Attracting World Class Talent

Corporate Brochure

The market for qualified and experienced employees is a competitive one. Not only do today's HR departments need to make sure a potential employee has all the right qualifications, but they also need to ensure they will thrive in the corporate culture. Enter the corporate people brochure. 
  • AT corp book covers
  • AT corp book pages 2-3
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  • AT corp book pages 6-7
  • AT corp book pages 8-9
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Corporate Brochures

New sales materials provided an up-close and personal view of the company and their products, showing that precision is truly at the heart of everything Abrasive Technology does.
  • abrasive-engineered-solutions


A full redesign of Abrasive's corporate website showcased their top-tier capabilities and products across varied markets and applications, all through the lens of precise, engineered solutions.
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Innovation At Work.

Sales Brochure

At the heart of the Abrasive Technology brand you will find an inventive and solutions-based company. It's their mantra and was the perfect topic for this sales brochure.

When your client roster includes Rolls-Royce and Boeing, you need branding and sales materials to match the quality and precision of your product - and that's exactly what we delivered.